Author: Dr. Adam K. Prokopowicz

On December 11, 2012 the first Transportation Innovations Forum was held in Krakov, Poland under the auspices of the The Centre for Analyses of Transport and Infrastructure (CATI) located in the Polish capital of Warsaw. The meeting was attended by some 120 delegates, mainly from Poland, but representatives from both EU, the US and other European countries were present. From this meeting several interesting papers were delivered which now are published. These publications can now be found at the Centre for Analyses of Transport and Infrastructure. These publications mainly address three groups of issues: 1) Transport and infrastructure projects co-funded from the European Union funds; 2) Regional multimodal transport systems planning, and; 3) PPP in transport and infrastructure, and High Speed Rail systems development. These publications provide inside look to mechanisms of subsidizing infrastructure projects by the European Union and difficulties in absorbing these subsidies by the New Member States. European and Poland’s experiences in planning regional transport systems are also worth looking at. European countries are also struggling for larger usage of private funds in transport infrastructure development. The implementation of Public Private Partnership in transportation is however, not increasing fast enough, particularly in the former planned economies EU New Member States. The European High Speed Rail (HSR) system is better developed than this in the United States. The European Union intends to significantly expand this system by 2030. There are however, similarly to the United States, financial and other factors that may limit possibilities for achieving these objectives. These publications are: Adam K. Prokopowicz, Anna Dąbrowska: The possibilities for the development of PublicPrivate Partnership in infrastructure projects – Methods for increasing interest of the private sector, Warsaw 2012, ISBN 978-83-930293-2-7. The development of Public Private Partnership faces lots of obstacles in Poland. The needs for a long-term increase in private financing of infrastructure projects have been addressed. An overview of necessary actions to initiate and implement PPP projects has been performed. A comparative assessment of PPP schemes implementation in Poland and other countries has been done. An analysis of factors resulting in slow growth of PPP in Poland’s regions was conducted. A description of tools and opportunities for thr public and private sectors to faster develop PPP was provided. The Authors addressed regional PPP clustering of private and public entities as an option for spreading the PPP concept. Adam K. Prokopowicz: The options for the development and construction of the High Speed Rail system in Poland, Warsaw 2009, ISBN 978-83-930293-4-1 The achievements and experiences of other countries in developing and implementing high

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